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Negeso realizes your web design, website, webshop, portal, CMS, SEO, texts and apps

Negeso makes apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Fixed price and date

Negeso makes a 100% custom design with parallax, tiles or other securities

Negeso makes a handmade webdesign in any style with tile and scroll effects

Negeso makes your shop customized with iDEAL and credit card payment links

Negeso CMS has links to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media

Negeso SEO makes sure that you come with a lot of keywords on page one in Google

Negeso integrates online recruitment and selection in your web site for recruitment and business sites.

Negeso CMS generate sales leads from website visits, newsletters, surveys and web forms

Negeso your website with one adaptive CMS browser, tablet or mobile device

Negeso makes intelligent websites to automate your business

Negeso Go Global website provides a local presence for your global website

Negeso makes your website an intranet portal for customers, employees, suppliers, etc.

At Negeso CMS you can choose from 10 editions and 90 modules. Many features at an attractive price

Negeso makes clutches for synchronizing catalog, inventory, orders, billing, authentication, etc

Negeso website writes texts that appeal to your visitors, convince and stimulate action

Full service from € 1999 all-in

About Negeso W/CMS

The most innovative website CMS for 15 years running

The Negeso content management system offers many standard features and has no artificial limitations.

Version 3.0

In version 3.0 iwe have simplified the user interface and also have added many innovative features.

10 editions and 90 modules

Virtually any desired functionality can be realized using standard editions and modules only. We also develop custom functionality.

500 satisfied customers

We already have over 500 satisfied customers who have let us make their webdesign and create their website. Across the world, more than 10.000  customers use Negeso W/CMS.

Read more about…

Create web design

Create Website

Create webshop

Create portal

Create app


Text & Infographics

Online marketing

Back office integration


Beautifully crafted with technical excellence and exceptional attention to detail.

Negeso features

Online Marketing

Read about 20% of functions and modules Negeso W/CMS for online marketing, website marketing, social media marketing and search engine marketing

Website marketing

Social media marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Make Webshop

Making shop: e-commerce shop with shopping cart software Negeso W/CMS multilingual product catalog. local pricing and global payment links.


Multilingual product catalog

Global payment links

Go Global

Read more about the 18% of Go Global features Negeso W/CMS to create, manage, and automatically translating a multilingual website

Global website with local presence

18 Go Global features

Adaptive CMS

Negeso smartphone apps, websites for smartphones and branded apps

One CMS for websites, web shops, tablet,

smartphone and branded apps

App Making

Let Negeso your iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone app making, integrated with CMS and back office

Integrated with CMS and back office.

iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone

"Go Touch" Webdesign

Negeso W/CMS 3.0 " Go Touch " Webdesign - responsive web design adapts automatically to the device to. Clear navigation on touch screens.

Responsive webdesign

Parallax webdesign Long Scrolling Pages

Google Integration

Your website built integrates Negeso W/CMS with Google Analytics and other Google applications 16

More than 17 Google features like Google Shopping

Page 1 in Google

Your keyword on page 1 in Google

Keyword analysis

SEO &backlinks


Translate your website

Automatically translate your website with link conversion to Negeso W/CMS. Update by native speaker!

Translate website automatically link conversion. Update by native speaker.

Text & InfoGraphics

Negeso writes texts and create graphics for your web content

Website Copy Writing

Translating and editing pages


ERP Connector

Integrate stock, orders and billing of your Negeso W/CMS website or shop with your ERP back-office systems such as SAP, Exact, etc.

Back office and supply chain integration: stock, orders and invoicing

New Business Visit Appointments

Make visit arrangements

Visit website convert to new business visits arranged

Our customers say

   . . . Excellent service!" Carla Green

Overall rating  5/5 based on 250 reviews.

"Innovative CMS and excellent service!"

Negeso created our multi-language website. Online CMS, very easy to use. The automated Site Translation Module is a smart time saver.

"Selling my products world-wide!"

Negeso created our multi-language online store, connected to our world-wide payment gateway, and integrated our ERP/SAP.

"Beautiful webdesign!"

Negeso created a beautiful webdesign for our new website. Harmonic layout, nice typography, sweet graphics! They knew how to visualize the 'soul' of our organization.

Negeso Editions


English Edition


Your website built with a handmade webdesign. Many standard features. more than 90 optional modules.
Now with 3 months SEO!


Multi-Language Edition


 Multilingual website with three handmade web designs, Site Translation Module and 18 Go Global features.


Webshop Edition


 Multi-language shop with customized product catalog, cart, order processing, payment gateway and a handmade webdesign.


Enterprise Edition


 Multi-region and multi-language website with 18 Go Global features, recruit-ment, publishing workflow, and many standard modules.


 1.999 all-in

6.999 all-in 

9.999 all-in

14.999 all-in

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