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"Create a website with www.negeso.com (ISBN 9789081933728)"


Book Create a website with www.negeso.com (ISBN 9789081933728)

(Book; ISBN: 9789081933728; Title: Create a website with www.negeso.com (ISBN 9789081933728); Print: 1; Publisher: SiteMentrix & Negeso; Pages: 100; Year: 2021)


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U.S.A.   $49.95 incl VAT   Buy

Would you like to know about all the possibilities of the Negeso Website/CMS 3.0 online content management system and learn how to apply them? In this hands-on book you will read how you can.

You will learn about the similarities and differences between the 10 editions: the English Edition, the Multi-Language Edition, the Webshop Edition, and all the other editions. You will learn how you can edit the contents of your website using your browser: change the menu and create webpages. You will learn how you can write texts using the online editior and how you can format your web pages and upload and embed photos.

You will learn how you can apply Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to your pages to get higher in Google.

All 90 modules are presented in-depth:

  • Site Settings Module: global settings, like configuration of the automatic visitor language detection.
  • News Module and Social Media Connectors (Twitter and Facebook): how you can write news articles, publish them on your website and automatically publish these on social media platforms.
  • Newsletter Module: how to create a newsletter and send HTML e-mail newsletters to your subscribers.
  • Site Translation Module: how you can create a language environment, how you can translate a complete language environment to almost any language, how you can translate a single page or (any number of) news article(s).

Plus an in-dept treatment of the other available modules.

This book is indispensable for anyone who has got a website built with Negeso W/CMS or anyone who would like to make a website.


   . . . Excellent service!" Carla Green

Overall rating 5/5 based on 250 reviews.

"Innovative CMS and excellent service!"

Negeso created our multi-language website. Online CMS, very easy to use. The automated Site Translation Module is a smart time saver.

"Selling my products world-wide!"

Negeso created our multi-language online store, connected to our world-wide payment gateway, and integrated our ERP/SAP.

"Beautiful webdesign!"

Negeso created a beautiful webdesign for our new website. Harmonic layout, nice typography, sweet graphics! They knew how to visualize the 'soul' of our organization.


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